ASSA-i brings together 6 international providers of Airport and Aviation Private Security Services, which together represent over 70% of the European private aviation security market (outsourced). 

These companies deploy between 45,000 and 50,000 private security guards and screeners in European airports.

The yearly turnover is over €1.25 billion.

100% of passengers, their cabin and hold baggage, as well as all freight and mail are checked by security services, an increasing number of which is delivered by private security companies.

In EU 28 alone, close to 1 billion people travel by air every year (2015 data - Eurostat), and over 3.7 billion passengers will have travelled by air in 2017 (IATA), that is half of the whole world population.

Every day a worth $18.6 billion in goods travel by air (IATA).  Europe represents about 23% of the whole air freight market (IATA).

In Europe, every year 14.6 million Tons travel by air (Eurostat). This is 1,500 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower, or 40 times the weight of the Empire State Building.