Quality, compliance, trust and safety are strong values for both ASSA-i.

ASSA-i strongly believes that the quality criteria should prevail over cost when selecting private security companies to perform missions in any environment, and even more so in critical infrastructure, such as airports.  Regretfully, this is rarely the case.

Actually quality hardly comes into account at all for selecting private security providers. ASSA-i has lobbied hard and for many years for quality to prevail as a criteria for the selection of private security services.

ASSA-i and CoESS, the Confederation of European Security Services have been recommending guiding principles and quality criteria for the selection of quality private security services. 

These principles and criteria are outlined in detail in the Guide produced by ASSA-i, entitled “Purchasing Quality Aviation Security Services”, updated in December 2023 and which includes a calculation tool. The tool enables the buyers of private security services to compare potential providers based on objective quality criteria.